1st G20 Sherpa Meeting: Indonesia Calls for World’s Cooperation to Achieve Inclusive, Sustainable Economic Recovery

Indonesia’s G20 Presidency in 2022 is the third G20 presidency in the midst of the  COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, so it becomes a vital part of the global economic  recovery process. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, especially with the  presence of a new variant. In addition, the inequable global economic recovery has  caused an increase in poverty and a failure in achieving SDGs’ target by 2030. 

Therefore, global collaboration through the G20 forum is needed to reshape the health  architecture and governance, as the main requirement in realizing the world’s  economic recovery. As a premier forum for multilateral economic cooperation, the G20  now has to produce concrete steps and major breakthroughs to speed the collective  recovery and become stronger. 

“The G20 Presidency is an opportunity to show Indonesia’s leadership in the global  arena to address various challenges. Of course, the national interest is also the  Indonesian Government concern that includes realizing an inclusive, strong, and  sustainable economic recovery,” said the Coordinating Economic Affairs Minister  Airlangga Hartarto in a keynote speech in the 1st Sherpa Meeting of the G20 Indonesia  in Jakarta, Tuesday, Dec. 7. 

In line with the WHO’s target of 40 percent of the total population receiving the second  dose of vaccine, Indonesia is expected to reach about 113 million people receiving the  full dose or 41.8 percent of the country’s total population or about 54.3 percent of the  total target by the end of 2021. Currently, the second dose vaccination program has  reached 99.6 million people or about 37 percent of the total population, about 47.8  percent from the target. 

Therefore, Indonesia carries the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger” in its  G20 Presidency. Through this theme, Indonesia calls for the world’s cooperation to  achieve a stronger, inclusive, and sustainable economic recovery. The G20 should be  able to expand the economic inclusion and handle a variety of structural problems that  inhibit efficiency and productivity.

Indonesia’s G20 Presidency carries 3 main topics, namely: 

• the global health architecture: an attempt by Indonesia to rebuild and  strengthen the post-pandemic global health governance and architecture as  well as to encourage ASEAN countries, especially Indonesia, to become a  transfer hub for the development and production of vaccines;  

• digital-based transformation: an effort to create economic value through digital  technology and encourage the digitization of new growth engines; and  • energy transition; an attempt to expand access to technology towards clean  and affordable energy and fund to accelerate the transition towards more  sustainable energy. 

“The three main topics will be a guidance to produce policy recommendations that are  more pro-people, concrete, and applicable,” said Minister Airlangga. 

Indonesia’s G20 Presidency is expected to contribute to the national and global  economic recovery, including small and developing countries. Indonesia would like to  invite the G20 member states, invited guest countries, and international organizations  to formulate concrete actions for the global economic recovery. 

“The arrivals of delegations are also expected to bring economic benefits to  Indonesians, both directly, for instance, in accommodation, hospitality, transportation,  and SMEs sectors, as well as indirectly by increasing the investors’ confidence to  Indonesia,” said Minister Airlangga. 

The 1st G20 Sherpa Meeting is the first and the opening of the series of meetings of  Indonesia’s G20 Presidency held in Jakarta on Dec. 7—8. It will be followed by the  First Deputy of Finance and the Central Bank Meeting (Finance Track) in Bali on Dec.  9—10. 

At both the Sherpa Track and Finance Track meetings, Indonesia will raise the priority  agendas that become Indonesia’s G20 Presidency focus. The G20 members, invited  guest countries, and international organizations are expected to discuss and formulate  concrete and deliverable initiatives that are responsive to global challenges. 

“The G20 Forum is expected to be a wake-up call for all of us and not to be an ‘Ivory  Tower’ which is not sensitive to global economic conditions. It is important for the G20  to be a troubleshooter over the global uncertainty and problems,” said Minister.

He also said that on the second day of the 1st G20 Sherpa Meeting on Dec. 8, the G20  Sherpas will visit Indonesia Digital Industry Center 4.0 (PIDI 4.0) which becomes one  of concrete initiatives by Indonesia to promote the digital industry and realize the  digitization of industry. 

PIDI 4.0 is a one-stop solution in accelerating the Industry 4.0 transformation in  Indonesia and a window of Indonesia 4.0 to the world. PIDI 4.0 offers five main  services in helping the conventional industry’s transformation to Industry 4.0, namely  Showcase Center, Delivery Center, Capability Center, the Ecosystem for Industry 4.0,  and Engineering and AI Center. 

“Making Indonesia 4.0 is an Indonesian proposal that is industry 4.0 transformation,  creating a modern, eco-friendly, sustainable, and highly competitive industry  ecosystem,” said Minister Airlangga. 

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi added Indonesia’s G20 Presidency shall be able to  produce concrete solutions, particularly to the global economic recovery. The G20  should be able to produce benefits for all parties, both east-west and north-south. 

“The G20 should be down-to-earth in generating solutions to address global  challenges. The G20 should also be a driving force for a more inclusive and  sustainable the recovery. G20 Sherpas have a major role in giving clear directives to  turn challenges into opportunities and guide our leaders in an ever-changing world,”  said Minister Retno. (rep/fsr/hls/t.flw) 


Secretary of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs 

Susiwijono Moegiarso 

Website: www.ekon.go.id 

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