DEWG G20 Kick-Off Meeting, Communications and Informatics Minister Emphasizes Three Characteristics of Digital Transformation

Jakarta, 15 March 2022 – The 2022 Indonesia’s G20 Presidency Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) Forum officially took place. Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny Gerard Plate hopes for public support so that G20 Presidency chaired by President Joko Widodo can promote the principles, values, and three characteristics of digital transformation to support the development of the digital economy.

“We hope that Indonesia will be able to become a promoter of basic principles and values and be able to bring forth a concrete legacy in the field of the national digital economy and the global digital economy. It is the time for Indonesia to invite the whole world to rise and recover together,” he said at the DEWG G20 2022 Kickoff Meeting Press Conference at the Grand Hyatt, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, March 15.

Under Indonesia’s G20 Presidency theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, Communications and Informatics Ministry [MCI] raised the DEWG’s big theme “Achieving a Resilient Recovery: Working Together for a More Inclusive, Empowering and Sustainable Digital Transformation”.

“This theme illustrates the high hopes that DEWG wants to achieve. It voices aspirations for discussing issues that can support the recovery process after the Covid-19 pandemic. We all hope that we will not only recover but also be able to recover quickly from the challenges ahead,” said Minister Johnny.

According to MCI, the big theme emphasizes three characteristics of digital transformation. The discussions throughout the series of DEWG events are directed to reflect the characteristics of inclusiveness, empowering, and sustainability.

“Inclusive describes the ideal of digital transformation that is accessible and provides benefits for all levels of society. Empowering demonstrates the idea of digital transformation to empower the entire community. And sustainable represents the hope that digital transformation can continue to provide benefits to society by supporting sustainable development goals,” he explained.

Minister Johnny emphasized that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia raised three priority issues of digitization, namely Connectivity and Post Covid-19 Recovery, Digital Skills and Digital Literacy, and Cross Border Data Flow, and Data Free Flow with Trust.

“Through Connectivity and Post Covid-19 Recovery, Indonesia invites us to address the imbalance conditions in the digital transformation landscape. Discussing digital economy issues for a stronger post-Covid-19 recovery on a global scale,” he said.

Indonesia invites G20 countries to increase the value of using digital technology by the wider community through Digital Skills and Digital Literacy. At the same time, to facilitate the creation of an inclusive digital talent ecosystem in the multilateral order.

“On the Cross Border Data Flow, and Data Free Flow with Trust, Indonesia will facilitate discussions on cross-border data flows, including efforts to accept the application of the principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and reciprocity. In addition, to grow data interoperability by discussing challenges related to privacy, data protection, data security, and intellectual property,” Minister Johnny said.

DEWG Implementation

Minister Johnny emphasized that DEWG will discuss the three priority issues through a series of workshop agendas, meetings, and side events that will take place throughout 2022.

“This month, we have and will hold activities, such as the 1st internal workshop on March 8, the 2nd Kickoff Meeting today, and the 1st Digital Economic Working Group Meetings will be held online on March 29-30,” he explained.

The 2nd DEWG meeting will take place on May 17-18 in Yogyakarta. The 3rd meeting will be on July 20-21 in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. The 4th meeting will be on July 22 in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Then, the Ministers Meeting will be on August 29-30 in Bali.

“As one of the important agendas in the series of DEWG G20 events, we will invite ministers in the digital sector from all G20 member countries to attend the Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting on September 1-2 in Bali. At the meeting, as MCI Minister, I will take the lead in reaching an agreement at the digital ministerial level regarding the results of the negotiations from the previous DEWG series at the senior officials level,” explained Minister Johnny.

Minister Johnny stated that a summit of digital ministers from G20 member countries resulted in a Ministers Declaration that would encourage the policies and international cooperation implementation in the digital economy.

Meanwhile, the entire working group and engagement group event will lead to the Leaders Meeting chaired by President Joko Widodo on November 15-26.

Minister Johnny explained that, along with the Leaders Meeting, MCI will be holding a Digital Transformation Expo as a showcase for the digital transformation journey of the Indonesian nation to the world.

“We invite all stakeholders to attend and contribute to the activity. MCI is also mandated to guide various digital transformation issues across working groups and engagement groups at the G20 Indonesia’s Presidency. We involve Indonesian knowledge partners, Indonesian strategic stakeholders, and various other partners to enrich, sharpen and prepare for the proper implementation of all Digital Economy Working Group sessions,” he said.

Coordinating Maritime and Investment Affairs Minister Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan was also present at the hybrid press conference.

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