East Kalimantan Ready to Host Y20 Pre-Summit 2022, Raising the Issue of Sustainable and Liveable Planet

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Samarinda, 14 May 2022 – East Kalimantan Province to host Pre-Summit of Youth 20 (Y 20) Indonesia, the official youth engagement group for the G20 (Group of 20). As part of the G20 Presidency, Y20 focuses on issues that matter in the future from youth perspective. As the output of the Y20 forum, the policy recommendations formulated by youth delegates from G20 countries will later be discussed in the official forum of G20 heads of state. In particular, the issue of sustainable and liveable planet is a big theme for the Pre-Summit of Y20 Indonesia in East Kalimantan which will take place on May 21-22, 2022.

“The Provincial Government of East Kalimantan welcomes the implementation of the Pre-Summit Y20 Indonesia 2022. The issue of sustainable and Liveable planet as the theme of the event is our moral responsibility as one of provinces that has the largest tropical rain forest in Indonesia,” explained the Governor of East Kalimantan.

The appointment of Balikpapan as the host city for the Y20 Pre-Summit is not without reason. In 2021, Balikpapan City received an award as a sustainable city in the environmental field at the Southeast Asian level. In addition, in the planning for the development of the New Capital City of Nusantara (IKN), Balikpapan will become supporting city for the IKN.

In line with the G20 agenda, environmental issues and planet earth will always be relevant to young people. This is because young people will continue to live on the planet (earth) for a longer period of time. “On the priority issue of Y20 Indonesia, we continue the legacy issue to think more about real action in solving the earth problem, by raising 2 sub-priorities, namely the preservation of natural resources and sustainable consumption and production through a circular economy,” said Mujab, Head of Program, Logistics, and Delegation Relations of Y20 Indonesia 2022.

The implementation of the Y20 Pre-Summit in Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan, will be attended by delegates and observers from Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, as well as representatives from several embassies of foreign countries in Indonesia. In addition, a number of speakers will also present to add perspective to the talk show. Expert such as Herlina Hartanto from the Nusantara Nature Conservation Foundation and Kevin Lunzalu (Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network) will help delegates to understand how youth can play a role in solving environmental problems and our planet.

Aie Natasha, Co-Chair of Indonesian Youth Diplomacy East Kalimantan, said that the Y20 Pre-Summit will be an opportunity for young people in Kalimantan to discuss issues of sustainable and liveable planet. “Through the Town Hall Meeting, a hundred young people from Kalimantan will participate in discussions and convey ideas and aspirations related to the issue of sustainable and liveable planet. This aspiration will be brought up by the official Indonesian delegation in the official Y20 forum,” added Aie.

East Kalimantan Province was selected as the host for the Pre-Summit of Y20 Indonesia 2022. East Kalimantan Province is expected to become the representative of the youth of Kalimantan island. Y20 Indonesia seeks to reach youth evenly in all parts of Indonesia so that all youth in Indonesia can feel the momentum of the G20. Y20 Indonesia 2022 will hold pre-summit events in 4 (four) cities in Indonesia, namely Palembang in March, Lombok in April, Balikpapan in May, and Manokwari in June. The highlight of this activity is the implementation of the Y20 2022 Summit which will be held in July in Jakarta and Bandung.

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