Education Minister: Make ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’ a Meaningful Real Action

Jakarta, 9 February, 2022 – Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim announced a priority agenda for education and culture . This priority agenda will be promoted by the Indonesian government through the Ministry’s leadership at the G20 event.

In an event called ‘Kick-off G20 on Education and Culture’ which was streamed on the Ministry’s official YouTube channel, Nadiem stated, “Indonesia’s G20 Presidency which was received by President Joko Widodo in December 2021 is very relevant, because all of us in Indonesia, and all countries in the world are currently trying to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Nadiem continued that this leadership momentum was considered appropriate because this is the time for Indonesia to show the extraordinary character of the nation. “One of the basic values ​​of our nation, namely mutual cooperation, is becoming increasingly significant to help us and the world to recover and rise,” explained Nadiem.

Regarding the priority agenda in the field of education, the Minister said that a number of breakthroughs in theMerdeka Belajar (freedom to learn) program will be introduced to the world as good practices and examples to be adopted by other countries in the world. The Minister expected that Indonesia can inspire developed and developing countries while creating beneficial partnerships.

“There are four priority agendas in the education sector that we will strive for as the leader in the G20 Education Working Group, and later in the education ministers meeting during the summit. First, Quality Universal Education. Second, Digital Technology for Education. Third, Solidarity and Partnership. Fourth, the Future of the World of Work Post Covid-19,” Nadim explained.

In the field of culture, Nadiem said, “Indonesia invites the world to promote culture-based sustainable living practices and the creation of a global consensus to achieve this. An Arts and Culture Conference for Restoration and a summit of culture ministers meeting will be held at the Borobudur Temple area, which we are all proud of.”

Closing his remarks, Minister of Education and Technology invited world citizens and leaders to produce real and meaningful actions. “Let’s make the G20 theme ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’ a real and meaningful action. With the spirit to recover and rise together, I would like to invite everyone to strengthen mutual cooperation so that we can succeed in Indonesia’s G20 presidency, and realize Freedom to Learn, Freedom to Practice the Culture.”

The Minister inaugurated the G20 education and culture field by wielding the gunungan puppet. In Indonesia’s wayang or shadow puppet tradition, the leaf-shaped shadow puppet gunungan screen describes the life in the universe. The wielding of gunungan symbolises the transition of performance, in which the people struggle and make efforts to change the course of their lives. Gunungan in the G20 logo represents Indonesian people’s enthusiasm and optimism, especially to rise from the pandemic and soon enter a new chapter of life.***

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