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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Today

​​​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is most known for being the birthplace of Islam; its people and culture, as well as, its contribution to global oil supply. Socioeconomically, with a population of over 32 million, and a land area of approximately 2,150,000 km​​2​​​, the Kingdom is the largest economy in the region.​

Today, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is diversifying its economy​ under Vision 2030.

Additionally, the country has embarked on a series of mega projects that are transforming Saudi Arabia into a more open and forward-thinking society while building on our heritage and rich past. 

To support the socioeconomic reform efforts, the government is enhancing its effectiveness by evolving; improving transparency; and accountability to meet the expectations of our ambitious nation, with clear goals for the future that are defined by Saudi’s Vision 2030.
With tourism seen as a strategic  global economic driver, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is welcoming visitors from around the world.
Tourism is one of the key sectors in which the Kingdom is investing – including building resorts to make Saudi a destination of the future through the mega projects. Visitors can enjoy a land of captivating contrasts, rich cultural heritage, breath-taking scenery and modern cities.​