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 Empowering People


​​Empowering People                                  

The 2020 G20 will aim to ​build and enhance a policy framework conducive to empowering people and creating economic opportunities.​

Unleashing Access to Opportunities

Our collective work should aim to create the conditions in which all people, particularly women and youth, can live, work and thrive. The global economy is not delivering for all and inequalities are growing amidst a rapidly evolving environment. This is undermining people's confidence in trade openness and the benefits of technological innovation and weighing on long-term economic growth and stability. The Saudi G20 Presidency will tackle these challenges to ensure prosperity for all people. The G20 will focus on policies that promote the equality of opportunities especially for underserved groups. G20 members will discuss solutions in areas such as empowering women and youth, promoting education and human capital, encouraging quality jobs and social protection, and fostering progress on development—supported by macro economic policies that underpin strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth (SSBIG).​

Supporting Employment Transition in a Changing World of Work

Fast-moving technological advances, evolving demographics, and profound changes in work patterns are creating astonishing opportunities to deliver better living standards for citizens across the globe. However, these transitions can pose significant employment challenges and leave many people behind. The G20 will pursue efforts to create quality jobs and adapt to changing patterns of work while ensuring social protection. Building on the accomplishments of previous G20 presidencies, the Saudi G20 Presidency will address the employment challenges facing youth, specifically those seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce, as well as those at risk of not being in employment, education or training (NEET). G20 members will continue to discuss how to better enhance labor policy settings through innovative evidenced-based policymaking based on behavioral insights.​

Women's Empowerment

Addressing persistent social and economic inequalities between men and women are not only crucial to how women live, work and thrive, but it is also a fundamental driver of sustainable development. Unleashing access to opportunities for women is integral to all dimensions of sustainable and inclusive growth and will help women achieve their full potential in the 21st century. The Saudi G20 Presidency is strongly committed to keeping up the momentum built under previous G20 presidencies and make concrete progress to empower women and girls,  in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 5. Women's empowerment will be addressed in a holistic manner by G20 workstreams through a set of sectoral initiatives for underserved groups and complemented by specific actions for women and girls. G20 members will continue to promote gender equality—including supporting initiatives such as the 'Empowerment and Progression of Women's Economic Representation' (EMPOWER).​

​​Scaling up Efforts for Sustainable Development

At the Osaka Summit, G20 Leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the timely implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and helping to ensure that “no one is left behind." The 2020 G20 will focus on accelerating the 2030 Agenda implementation and promoting regional connectivity to facilitate employment growth, expedite the flow of goods and services, and improve communication between people. G20 members will also be encouraged to scale up their efforts in sharing good practices on SDGs implementation and strengthening accountability mechanisms.

Fostering Education for the 21st Century

In a rapidly changing global economy, education is critical to empowering and advancing human capabilities. With early childhood education as a key milestone of a successful learning journey, the G20 shall continue efforts that enable future generations to reach their full potential. These efforts include fostering internationalization in education to develop the competences and skills needed to prosper in our globalized world.

Enabling Person-Centered Health Systems

The contribution of health to the overall goal of creating a stable and prosperous economy has been firmly acknowledged by the G20. Effective and resilient health systems underpin human capital and long-term prosperity of countries. G20 members face multiple, often-interacting challenges such as rapidly changing demographics, surges in costs and sub-optimal health system effectiveness and responsiveness while striving to develop sustainable person-centered health systems that deliver universal health coverage. Addressing this often requires innovation and transformative change in systems, thus the Saudi G20 Presidency will work with members to scale and enable innovative approaches, focusing on value-based health care and digital health solutions.

Boosting Financial Inclusion of Women and Youth

Financial inclusion plays a prominent role in bolstering sustainable and inclusive growth and supporting development. Despite significant progress, over 1.7 billion adults, or about a third of the global adult population comprised mostly of women and youth, remain financially excluded. Throughout the presidency, the G20 will focus on harnessing new, innovative technologies to empower and boost access to finance for underserved groups, particularly women and youth.

Tourism as a Force for Human-Centered Economic Growth

As one of the fastest growing and most dynamic sectors, tourism is increasingly important to national economies at all development stages. This sector is a major force in supporting economic growth, creating jobs, and reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, notably through innovative technological solutions. The 2020 G20 will focus on social, economic and environmental impact of tourism and how to promote it for the benefit of both visitors and local communities and create a bridge between different societies.​​

Trade and Investment Cooperation

Trade and investment are key drivers of growth, innovation and job creation. They require an open, transparent and supportive policy environment as well as a well functioning rules-based multilateral trading system. Throughout the presidency year, G20 members will be encouraged to strengthen their concerted effort to promote global cross-border trade and investment flows, and to continue their dialogue on current international trade developments. The Saudi G20 Presidency will focus on enhancing investment policy cooperation to build investment capacity in developing and least developed countries. It will also promote the sharing of best practices on economic diversification, particularly on the contribution that services trade can offer to achieve this goal. Special attention will also be devoted to facilitating and promoting an increased role for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises in the global economy.​

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