14 - 15 JUNE 2018




Online media accreditation and registration system

Online accreditation is the only official registration channel for G20 meetings in Argentina during the Argentine G20 presidency. Accreditation requests by any other means will not be processed. Any accreditation materials not sent through the online system will not be processed.

Each G20 event with press has its own accreditation process (click here for more information). The instructions below are for the Meeting of Energy Ministers on Thursday 14 June and Friday 15 June 2018, only.

The online accreditation process for this meeting is open until Tuesday 12 June 2018. Accreditation requests received after this date will not be accepted under any circumstances.


Eligibility for press accreditation

Media accreditation for G20 meetings in Argentina is strictly reserved for members of the press (print, radio, TV, news agencies and online media) who represent a bona fide media organization (formally registered as a media organization in a country recognized by the United Nations General Assembly).

Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accreditation can be denied if applicants cannot establish they are professional journalists, or if the applications are incomplete.

The Argentine G20 accreditation authorities must be satisfied that the individuals applying for accreditation are bona fide media professionals and represent bona fide media organizations.


How to apply

Applicants are required to fill out the accreditation request form that can be accessed here:

Please follow the instructions on the accreditation page.

Accreditation requests must be supported by the following documents:

• Photo of applicant (passport size, minimum 200 x 200 pixels, maximum 500 x 500 pixels)

• Letter of assignment on official letterhead of a media organization, signed by the Publisher of Editor- in-Chief indicating the full name and role of the media representative, his/her passport or ID number, and date of the meeting for which the accreditation is being requested

Materials sent separately by e-mail will not be accepted.


Information for local photographers

The ARGRA credential will not be accepted. All photographers must follow the formal online accreditation process.


Next steps

Every effort will be made to process the accreditation request in the most timely manner possible. Once you have received confirmation of your accreditation by e-mail, you will be registered for the Meeting of Energy Ministers on 14 - 15 June, only. A media handbook will be sent to you in due course.

For non-Argentine members of the press travelling to Argentina from abroad, please note that successful accreditation for the Meeting of Energy Ministers does not guarantee entry into Argentina. It is recommended that foreign nationals consult their local Argentine consulate for information on the documentation required to enter Argentina.


Online press room

Photos, press releases and other institutional materials will be available for download on the G20 website: Other information available on  includes calendars, work streams, and background information on the G20.

Official photos taken over the course of the Meeting of Energy Ministers will be available for download here:



The information entered on the accreditation form will be used for accreditation and statistical purposes only and will not be published for general access, in accordance with national personal data protection laws in Argentina.

By completing the form, the applicant agrees to receive e-mails and other communications to the press. If the content is not of interest, please unsubscribe at the time of receipt. Data provided may also be used to personalize future content to obtain metrics on use and levels of service.

Letters of assignment are not retained. For each meeting a new letter of assignment must be submitted. 

If you have any queries about the online application for press accreditation, or any other questions relating to the accreditation process, please contact


Will all G20 meetings be open to the press?
Meetings of ministerial deputies and officials are technical in nature and closed to the press. Only ministerial meetings allow for press accreditation and offer press conferences. The Leaders’ Summit will contain a media centre, press conference rooms and bilateral interview rooms. 
When is the next meeting open to the press?
The next meeting open to the press is the Meeting of Energy Ministers, which will take place on 14 - 15 June in Bariloche.
Is one accreditation valid for all meetings?
No. Each meeting requires its own accreditation process.