Press Releases

28 July 2018

G20: agriculture ministers propose collaborative approach towards building a sustainable food future

28 July 2018

The G20 seeks contribution towards global food security

27 July 2018

G20 agriculture ministers meet to help build a sustainable food future

26 July 2018

The G20 discusses soil, food waste and farming technologies

25 July 2018

S20 issues recommendations for a sustainable food future

24 July 2018

G20 agriculture ministers to meet this week to promote sustainable food production

22 July 2018

G20 puts forward menu of public policies to tackle challenges posed by the future of work

22 July 2018

Argentine Treasury Minister Dujovne and Central Bank President Caputo highlight key G20 role in global governance

22 July 2018

Macri: “The G20 is much more than a Declaration of Leaders”

22 July 2018

G20 acknowledges trade as a key engine of economic growth

22 July 2018

Technology, the international tax system and financial inclusion: items on the agenda for day two of the G20 meeting

21 July 2018

G20 discusses global economic climate in Buenos Aires

20 July 2018

Leading economic authorities to take part in the Third G20 Finance Ministerial starting tomorrow

19 July 2018

The future of work high on the G20 finance agenda this week in Buenos Aires

16 July 2018

World economy leaders meet again in Buenos Aires

12 July 2018

Business Women Leaders Task Force begins official activities

11 July 2018

Putting people at the heart of its agenda, the G20 Development Working Group meets in Tucumán

29 June 2018

Model 20: Local state school students recreate the G20

15 June 2018

Consensus reached at G20 energy ministerial meeting

15 June 2018

G20 Energy Ministers Official Communiqué

15 June 2018

Bariloche’s G20 meeting to close with debates on energy transitions

14 June 2018

Energy ministers visit tech company INVAP

13 June 2018

The G20 debates the future global energy mix in Bariloche, Patagonia

12 June 2018

Senior education and employment officials to address the future of work

11 June 2018

Energy ministers discuss transition towards cleaner and more flexible systems

29 May 2018

Leading scientists from the G20 gather in Jujuy to work on challenges in agriculture

21 May 2018

Foreign ministers give strong backing to multilateralism

20 May 2018

With President Macri in attendance, G20 foreign ministers meet in Buenos Aires

18 May 2018

G20 foreign ministers arrive in Buenos Aires to discuss the global outlook

17 May 2018

The G20 discusses the role of women in health

16 May 2018

G20: Foreign policy leaders to discuss multilateralism and global governance

07 May 2018

G20 promotes discussions towards an inclusive trade system

03 May 2018

The G20 in Ushuaia: From sustainable development to the southernmost railway in the world

02 May 2018

Senior government officials and civil society meet in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

20 April 2018

Consensus on the positive outlook for global economic growth

19 April 2018

World economic leaders discuss the current economic outlook

19 April 2018

G20 and B20 agree on the need to finance infrastructure projects

18 April 2018

Infrastructure, work and the economy on the G20 agenda in Washington

17 April 2018

G20 discusses climate sustainability

13 April 2018

G20 to bring together global economic leaders in Washington

12 April 2018

Innovation and financing, two G20 proposals to transform education

09 April 2018

With inclusion as its focus, the G20 Development Working Group meets in Buenos Aires

27 March 2018

W20 presents recommendations for gender equality in Argentina

20 March 2018

Argentine President Macri to take part in G20 Finance Ministerial this afternoon

20 March 2018

Communiqué of the First G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of 2018

20 March 2018

Argentine President Macri: We are promoting consensus and dialogue at the G20

20 March 2018

The G20 seeks to strengthen the contribution of trade to the world’s economies

20 March 2018

Argentine Treasury Minister and the President of the Central Bank highlight constructive dialogue at the G20 finance ministerial

20 March 2018

Communiqué of the First G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of 2018

19 March 2018

The future of work, infrastructure, and the global economy: the issues discussed on day one of the G20 meeting

19 March 2018

Argentine Treasury Minister Dujovne and Central Bank President Sturzenegger welcome global economic leaders to Buenos Aires

19 March 2018

Dujovne: “Argentina proposes a G20 agenda of inclusive growth”

19 March 2018

The First G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors begins

16 March 2018

Global economic leaders meet in Buenos Aires at the G20

14 March 2018

G20 officials attend Argentina’s Expoagro agricultural technology show

13 March 2018

G20 officials discuss how to achieve a sustainable food future

12 March 2018

One week until the First Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

08 March 2018

G20 aims to cooperate to reduce excess capacity of steel

06 March 2018

B20 brings together business leaders in northern Argentina

05 March 2018

G20 seeks agreement on global health policies

28 February 2018

G20 seeks to promote integrity in state-owned enterprises

23 February 2018

Argentine G20 sherpa strengthens links with organizations in Africa and North America

21 February 2018

President Macri: Energy is central to the G20 priority of sustainable development

20 February 2018

G20 discusses public policies to improve employment

08 February 2018

The G20 dialogue on the digital economy gets off to a start

02 February 2018

Argentine Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña: “The G20 is a vehicle for us all to work together to find solutions”

01 February 2018

Together with leading global academics, the T20 launches its 2018 agenda

30 January 2018

Public statistics on the G20 agenda

25 January 2018

Gender issues to be a transversal theme for the G20 in 2018

25 January 2018

Macri in Davos: Through the G20 we are striving to build a shared future of fair and sustainable development

24 January 2018

Macri drives G20 agenda in Davos

24 January 2018

B20 convenes world business leaders in Davos

02 January 2018

Argentina to host over 45 G20 meetings in 2018

20 December 2017

L20 officially kicks off its 2018 agenda

15 December 2017

Day 2 of the First Sherpa Meeting

14 December 2017

Argentine G20 Sherpa Track gets under way

12 December 2017

C20 kicks off in Buenos Aires

11 December 2017

Women20 (W20) launches its agenda to enrich the G20

01 December 2017

Argentine G20 gets started with first meeting in Bariloche

01 December 2017

Argentina announces G20 agenda priorities

30 November 2017

President Mauricio Macri: “We will lead based on the principle of putting people first”

30 November 2017

The Argentine G20 presidency kicks off in Bariloche

30 November 2017

Argentine G20 presidency gets a boost from foreign leaders

30 November 2017

Diversity, People, Sustainable Development: Pillars of the Argentine G20 presidency

28 November 2017

Argentina assumes G20 presidency