G20 Osaka Summit

Leaders’ Dinner Menu

June 28:Leaders’ Dinner - Overview

Date : Friday, June 28
Venue: Osaka Geihinkan, Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
Supervision: Yoshiki Tsuji, Executive Producer
Chefs : Yoshihiro Narisawa
     Seiji Yamamoto
     Tsuji Culinary Institute Group
Sommelier : Shinya Tasaki
Cocktail canapés : Tatsuhiro Takayama
Dining Designer : Fumi Kimura

Message from the Executive Producer

1. Theme

Integration of Sustainability and Gastronomy
Benefiting from its geographic advantage, Osaka has developed as a community of people, culture, and technology, since being established as the capital of Japan by Emperor Nintoku in the 4th to 5th centuries. Japanese food has been based on the Japanese sensibility of respect for nature since ancient times. We have been surrounded by rich ingredients over our long history and the wisdom of our community creates the food of Osaka and Japan.
With the theme of “the Integration of Sustainability and Gastronomy,” we combine Japanese food products—”gifts from the Earth” nurtured in abundant nature— with world-standard Japanese cuisine by adding modern cooking techniques and creating dishes that can be enjoyed by the world leaders.
All dishes were made from Japanese products, from the first course with ingredients from Hokkaido to the fifth course with ingredients from Okinawa.

2. Approach

Japanese Hospitality to the Guests
The chefs prepared multiple menu options including vegetarian and halal to meet the various dietary needs based on the various religions, allergies and preferences of each guest and to make sure that everyone can fully enjoy the Dinner.
The chefs also asked the guests to fill out questionnaires in advance in order to understand the diverse dietary needs and preferences of each individual. As they came to understand that some guests prefer meat, fish or vegetable-oriented dishes, the chefs started to explore how they could fulfill their requests.
A temporary kitchen and mobile kitchen trailer were installed by the Banquet Room, enabling chefs to have separate cooking spaces for different menus including vegetarian, halal and gluten-free.
In addition, we prepared menu books with detailed explanation of dishes according to different menu options and translated them into 15 languages.
Chefs focused on creating a common space where people sit around a table and enjoy their own dishes. In other words, respecting everyone’s diverse dietary culture and preferences is also central to the theme of “the Integration of Sustainability and Gastronomy.”