G20 Osaka Summit

Making the Summit Bag

Countries all over the world are striving to become more "plastic smart," and naturally various enterprises in the Summit host city of Osaka are working on this concept as well.

Dignitaries and press members arriving from all over the world to attend the G20 Summit will receive Summit Bags as commemorative gifts. These bags were made expressly for the G20 Osaka Summit from plastic-free materials in Higashiosaka, which boasts a high concentration of workshops and small firms, even for the "manufacturing city" of Osaka.

Making the Summit Bag1

The company tasked with creating the Summit Bag produces and markets a wide variety of uniquely designed bags, taking advantage of their fully integrated production line. The fabric and metal parts, as well as the cutting dies used on the fabric, are also provided through Higashiosaka-based businesses, making the Summit Bag a truly Japan-made item.

Making the Summit Bag2

Item 01 Spotlighting the Environment through Japanese Quality

Spotlighting the Environment through Japanese Quality1

The Summit Bags are crafted from Kurashiki Hanpu, a thick canvas produced in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. The material’s high durability and tendency to gain a stylish texture with use, made it an immediate hit. Although 100% natural cotton, the thick canvas requires extensive sewing techniques. The president of the manufacturer says, "Anyone can sew, but it takes an experienced craftsman to sew without stressing the machine threads, properly match the pieces, and complete each bag with expert finesse. Various companies around the world can produce bags of the same quality, but I think maintaining that quality over the long-term is the truly difficult challenge."

Spotlighting the Environment through Japanese Quality2

The Summit Bag features ample space and a simple design. Creation of the bag involved a long process of prototyping, with the goal of "plastic smart" pointing designers toward the most appropriate materials. “This bag is made to last for more than ten years of active use. The fabric will soften with each machine washing, yet maintain its lovely shape—a testament to the experience and skill of our seasoned craftsmen,” explains the president. “Basing our design and workmanship on 'eco-friendly bags for long-term use,' we make sure the Summit Bag would hold up to all sorts of wear and tear as it grows more beautifully weathered with each year of use.”

Spotlighting the Environment through Japanese Quality3

These bags show how the concerted efforts of various companies can give rise to world class products emphasizing Japanese quality, and how we can achieve "plastic smart" not only through the efforts of nations and individuals, but through the work of environment-conscious businesses as well. We hope these Summit Bags show the world the manufacturing power of Osaka, and that their simple charms spark opportunities to think about the environment.