Highlighting Global Employment Issues, the 2nd EWG Meeting Discusses MSMEs and Entrepreneurial Development

Yogyakarta, 10 May 2022 – Indonesia and delegations of the Second Meeting of the Employment Working Group (EWG Meeting) brought to light various global employment issues, such as unemployment and decent work gaps. Therefore, the delegates emphasized the importance of cooperation in developing MSMEs and entrepreneurship in this meeting.

“Focusing on developing entrepreneurship, building the resilience of business actors, and increasing productivity that adapts to changes in labor market which will help in mitigating unemployment and the widening decent work gaps,” said Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower, Anwar Sanusi, after opening the 2nd EWG Meeting in Yogyakarta on Tuesday, May 10.

Anwar Sanusi said that the COVID-19 pandemic also made the issues in employment more complex. Hence, to the EWG delegation, he asserted that all countries should not only focus on restoring the labor market at present, but also accelerating employment after COVID-19.

Realizing the important role of sustainable business as a provider of employment as well as a stimulant for innovation and decent work, Anwar Sanusi reminded that recovery policies must also support business continuity and environment that enables the improvement of innovation, productivity, and sustainable growth

“Indonesia’s presidency in the field of employment encourages the role of G20 to continue updating collaborative initiatives, policies, and programs that ensure creation of sustainable job, support for sustainable business actors and entrepreneurs, as well as an inclusive labor market in the post-COVID-19 era,” he said.

Anwar Sanusi hopes that the solutions offered by the G20 Presidency for economic recovery can support an immediate revival from the crisis through encouraging the creation of entrepreneurship and strengthening of MSMEs as instruments for expanding job opportunities. Such efforts can be supported by continuing to encourage the creation of a conducive business environment as well as transformation of MSMEs from informal to formal, supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture in the effort to develop new entrepreneurs and MSMEs, building the resilience of business actors and MSMEs with capacity building and assistance in technical aspects, as well as protecting the rights and interests of business actors, MSMEs, and their workers.

“Indonesia continues to promote productive and harmonious dialogues, as well as encourage the creation of concrete results and concrete actions through collaboration between G20 stakeholders in an effort to create a shared commitment to champion the priority goals of this Presidency,” he said.

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