Indonesia Shows Leadership in Environmental Management, Climate Change Control at EDM-CSWG

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Jakarta, 20 June 2022 – In this year’s G20 Presidency, Indonesia demonstrated leadership and high commitment to various strategic issues, particularly environmental management and climate change control. The issues were discussed at the G20 Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group (EDM-CSWG).

The leadership in the EDM-CSWG meeting was reflected in the support of the member countries, invited countries, and international organizations to priority issue recommendations presented by Indonesia.

The first EDM-CSWG meeting was held in Yogyakarta last March. Meanwhile, the second meeting was conducted in Jakarta from 19 to 22 June 2022. The number of delegates at the second EDM-CSWG was higher than at the first.

Laksmi Dhewanthi, Environment and Forestry Ministry’s climate change control director-general and the 2nd EDM-CSWG chair said at the opening on 20 June that 196 delegates attended the second meeting ranging from G20 member countries through invited countries to international organizations.

“A total of 120 delegates attend the meeting physically in Jakarta and other 76 delegates participate virtually,” she said.

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Sigit Reliantoro, Environment and Forestry Ministry’s environmental pollution and damage control (PPKL) director-general and the meeting co-chair, explained that after the first meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia had received inputs on discussion studies for EDM-CSWG. Sigit expressed his appreciation for the input and participation of the delegates.

“We appreciate and are grateful for your valuable input which we received after the first EDM-CSWG meeting,” he said.

The strategic function of EDM-CSWG agenda for Indonesia is to show the world the country’s commitment to environmental management and sustainable climate change control.

The EDM-CSWG raised three priority issues that would be the focus of discussion at each meeting. The issues included (1) supporting a more sustainable recovery; (2) enhancing land and sea-based actions to support environmental protection and climate objectives; and (3) enhancing resource mobilization to support environmental protection and climate objectives.

The three priority issues and the main missions of the EDM-CSWG would be discussed and included in a collective G20 commitment through the adoption of a G20 Ministers of Environment and Climate Change Communiqué as the main document of the results of the meeting. This Communiqué is planned to be adopted at the G20 Environment and Climate Change Ministerial Meeting on 31 August 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.

In this second EDM-CSWG, the Building Blocks that make up the Minister’s Communiqué would be discussed. In the Environment Deputies Meeting (EDM), several topics that would be discussed included Land Degradation, Halting Biodiversity Loss, Integrated and Sustainable Water Management, Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy, Marine Litter, Ocean Conservation, and Sustainable Finance. In the Climate Sustainability Working Group (CSWG) section, three studies were discussed, namely: (1) the role of mitigation-adaptation co-benefits to create a more resilient future for all; (2) the acceleration of NDC Implementation and sustainable transition toward a future of low GHG emissions and climate resilience through the utilization of carbon economic value; and (3) actions and partnerships reinforcement for sustainable marine initiatives

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