Involve Digital Native, Minister Johnny: Government Targets Digital Takeoff

July 20, 2022 – The government seeks to build a digital space by improving the quality and competence of digital human resources. Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate explained the objective is to ensure future generations of Indonesia could involve in the global digital transformation.

“Our digital natives and our millennial generation are large in number. We must focus on building our digital space by increasing our digital human resources, especially millennials and Gen Z,” he said after opening the 3rd DEWG Meeting in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Wednesday, July 20.

Currently, the government is accelerating digital infrastructure development to make it more equitable. According to Minister Johnny, the aim is to make Indonesia take off digitally.

“We are building everything. Yes, now it is much better than before. It can reach nationally. Hopefully, at the end of the Onward Indonesia cabinet, Indonesia will be ready to take off in terms of digital,” he said.

Minister Johnny emphasized that the government is not only building digital infrastructure but is trying to develop global cooperation. One of them is through international forums such as the G20 Presidency DEWG.

“This morning, we also talked with fellow G20 member countries on building a common agreement on digital policies. Because we are entering a new world, a new world: the digital world. We must manage properly,” he explained.

According to Minister Johnny, discussions in international forums such as DEWG are an effort to prepare governance for future generations.

“Development of digital infrastructure, the G20 meeting, discussion of material and priority issues of the Digital Economy Working Group is for the current generation and future generations of Indonesia,” he said.

Minister Johnny had included the younger generation to build awareness and connect them to the digital world and policy making.

“Symbolically, we are introducing the digital world to millennials and children. Today, three representatives from senior high schools in the Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, and Ruteng areas are here with us, organizing the DEWG. I think this is a good experience for them,” he explained.

According to Minister Johnny, the younger generation’s involvement in international events discussing digitalization is one of the concrete steps to open up opportunities for millennials to partake in accelerating digital transformation.

“For them to know. Of the many Indonesian children; of the millennial generation, these 20 people have an extraordinary opportunity to partake. It is one of the concrete measures,” ​​he said.

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