Labour20 Encouraged to Discuss Poverty and Unemployment Eradication and to Promote Benefits for Vulnerable Groups

Jakarta, January 31, 2022 – The G20 Presidency in 2022 is a vital moment for Indonesia to lead the effort to change the world. At this moment, one of the transformations promoted by Indonesia is digital transformation, including the transformations of various industries towards industry 4.0 and Labour20 (L20) towards digitalization. It will be Indonesia’s main message to the world.

“Therefore, I hope L20 can create piloting for an example or a lighthouse so this transformation will bring success and welfare through retraining and reskilling. This can be a model for other countries,” said Coordinating Economic Affairs Minister Airlangga Hartarto at Labour20 Kick-Off Meeting in Jakarta, Monday, January 31.

Previously, the worker union meeting received an institutional recognition as L20 at the 2011 G20 Summit in France. The recognition made L20 equal to the B20. Then, L20 and B20 leaders were invited by President Calderon to the 2012 G20 Summit in Los Cabos, and since, L20 and B20 actively meet and collaborate in the G20.

“The union delegation will meet with the leaders of the G20 countries attending the Summit. The arising ideas can be used for employment stabilization and social protection for workers affected by the crisis and COVID-19 pandemic,” said Minister Airlangga.

In 2021, the Government provided assistance in the form of wage subsidy budgeting Rp8.8 trillion for 8.8 million workers. To improve human resources skills, the Government launched Pre-employment Card Program in 2020 and 2021 that reached 11.4 million people.

“This is the first fully digital Government program from upstream to downstream. Now, the program has also incorporated face recognition element. So, it is fully AI, and the payment is directly to the participants’ e-wallet from the state treasurer,” continued Minister Airlangga.

Effective intervention and structural reform by the Government ease access to jobs, especially inclusive jobs for people with disabilities.

“We must also encourage all business activities to create a friendly place for people with disabilities, so this becomes an inclusivity challenge for us in the future,” said Minister Airlangga.

Minister Airlangga hopes Indonesia can facilitate the G20’s worker union organization and invited various international institutions to produce concrete actions for the economic recovery and protection of the workers.

“At this moment, we hope we can tackle poverty and unemployment. L20 Meeting in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency has to bring concrete results for the developing and underdeveloped countries. L20 must also fight for the benefits of vulnerable worker groups, such as women and persons with disabilities. This year, the world keeps its eyes on Indonesia. I hope L20 also adheres to the health protocol,” said Minister Airlangga.

The event was also attended by L20 Chair and Co-Chair, G20 Co-Sherpa, Indonesian Coordinating Economic Affairs Ministry’s coordination of international economic cooperation deputy, Manpower Ministry’s secretary-general, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce chair, APINDO chair, and W20 and B20 Working Group.

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