Menparekraf: G20 Countries Must Synergize Strongly to Design Tourism & Creative Economy Recovery Plan

Jakarta, 15 February 2022 – G20 countries must be able to synergize strongly and move
harmoniously to prepare economic revival plans supported by the tourism and creative
economy sector by optimizing opportunities and challenges in the midst of a pandemic or
post-pandemic with full of cautiousness. Thus, the economic revival can be realized by
increasing employment opportunities in the tourism sector.

As one of the steps in realizing this matter, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy
(Menparekraf), Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, officially launched the “Tourism Working Group
G20”, which is expected to create a concrete program based on best practice and can be
collaborated among G20 member countries.

The working group in the tourism sector is one of the working groups under the sherpa track
(discussing non-financial economic issues, including tourism) and is supervised by the
MOTCE as the chairman of the working group. The series of the Tourism Working Group
meetings include the Tourism Working Group (TWG) at the level of echelon I officials on
May 10-11, 2022, in Labuan Bajo, on a hybrid format.

The second TWG meeting on September 23, 2022, will be held offline in Bali. Followed by
the Tourism Minister Meeting (TMM) on September 26, 2022, also in Bali. There are also a
series of side event activities in the form of conference, seminar, global forum and exhibition.

“By adhering to the spirit of ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’, the G20 needs to support
the significant role of the tourism and creative economy sector in strengthening collective
global leadership through tourism and must ensure that no one is left behind,” according to
Menparekraf during the “Kick-Off Tourism Working Group (TWG) G20 2022” online, Monday

The G20 Tourism Working Group of the Indonesian Presidency focuses on efforts to
advance the recovery of the tourism sector after the COVID-19 crisis by promoting tourism

As is known, the global pandemic has created challenges for tourism sector. The number of
foreign tourists in 2020 decreased by 1 billion people from the previous year or a decrease
of around 74 percent.

Meanwhile, in the national level, the pandemic also has a great impact on the tourism and
creative economy sector. There was a significant decrease in the number of foreign tourists
by 75 percent and around 30 percent for domestic tourists. This resulted a disruption on the
people’s income, in which, there are 34 million people depending on the tourism and creative
economy sector.

“The organized Working Group has identified the main issue namely strengthening the
community as the agents of change for tourism transformation. Therefore, this working group
will focus on community empowerment through further development for MSME and
Community-Based Tourism such as tourism villages, creative villages, and equitable
programs,” Sandiaga added.

Sandiaga expected that with this theme, the G20 tourism ministers, supported by UNWTO
support and relevant partners, will agree on guidelines for strengthening communities and
MSMEs as agents of tourism transformation, people-centered recovery.

“Through this tourism working group, we expect a concrete program based on best practice,
and Indonesia is considered to have implemented best practice in handling COVID-19 and
this is in accordance with President Jokowi’s direction,” he added.

This year, the MOTCE plans to carry out back-to-back the G20 Tourism Ministerial Meeting
(TMM) activities with the World Tourism Day 2022 activities. Thus, a strong synergy within
the internal of the MOTCE, including joint synergies with ministries/agencies is absolute to
fight for the national interest.

Menparekraf emphasized the MOTCE’s important role which must be a Consensus Builder.
The ideas/outcome documents received by all G20 member countries must later refer to the
three pillars of the President’s direction. They are inclusive health, digital transformation,
and energy transition.

“Finally, we believe that 2022 is a year of revival, an extraordinary year, a year of recovery
that will open up employment opportunities that will lead to a Golden Indonesia. Tourism will
be a locomotive,” Sandiaga stated.

“I invite all stakeholders to organize events that support the G20 as part of our shared spirit
to make the G20 a success in Indonesia. I hope for active support in the economic recovery
of Indonesia, because organizing the event will open up economic opportunities and create
employments,” Sandiaga explained.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Economic Minister, Airlangga Hartarto, stated that the
Presidency of G20 is crucial to achieve world change, especially inclusive recovery and
more responsive and stronger global economic growth. With 400 events and spread across
25 cities, the G20 Presidency is expected to be a kickstart for the tourism sector or the MICE
sector,” according to Airlangga.

The potential GDP is estimated at IDR 7.4 trillion and it is expected that 33,000 new
employments will be created.

“Therefore, I certainly hope that the MOTCE as the supervisor of the Tourism Working Group
will become a locomotive for the recovery of the tourism sector, especially MICE,” he added.
Also attending the same occasion online, Secretary General of UNWTO, Zurab Polilikashvili.
He congratulated Indonesia for becoming the G20 Presidency in 2022.

According to him, coordination and solidarity are important keys for all parties, especially the
G20 countries to work together towards the future. Especially, going through difficult times
for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The spirit of the G20 carrying the slogan ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’ is in line
with the spirit of the United Nations. The UN is ready to coordinate and collaborate in all
levels,” according to Zurab.

One thing that must be strengthened is in strengthening digital transformation. According to
him, this is crucial because digitization is proven to be able to push the revival of the tourism

“Including how we jointly address the issue of climate change,” he added.

The Ambassador of Italy to Indonesia, Benedetto Latteri, said the similar thing. He
congratulated Indonesia for taking over the Presidency of the G20 Tourism Working Group.
According to him, the pandemic has made many people aware of the importance of tourism
for the development of the economy and society.

He stated, the tourism industry and local communities should be able to take advantage of
the opportunities offered by new trends in sustainable tourism experiences.

“I believe the presidency of Indonesia will direct the activities of the tourism working group
in the most effective way to overcome challenges and seize opportunities to promote
prosperity, promote development for our people, and consolidate an environmentally friendly
tourism sector. We are ready to work together in this task and I wish you congratulations
and success on the planned activities of the Tourism Working Group,” Benedito Latteri

Also attending the occasion, the Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy
(Wamenparekraf), Angel Tanoesoedibjo; Deputy for Resources and Institutions of the
MOTCE, Wisnu Bawa Tarunajaya; Deputy for Tourism Products and Events, Rizki
Handayani; as well as Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development and Conservation, Frans

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