Minister of Communications and Informatics Emphasizes Digital Sovereignty in Cross-Border Data Flow

July 20, 2022 A future where the world increasingly relies on the use of data, including data-driven policy, is inevitable. Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny G. Plate stated that the use of data is increasingly widespread among government and private institutions, thus requiring a consensus understanding of data sovereignty and global data governance.

“Therefore, the discussion on the third priority issue of Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT) and Cross-Border Data Flow (CBDF) at this Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) meeting will be more essential,” he told the media at a Press Conference during the G20 3rd DEWG meeting which was held in a  hybrid format in Labuan Bajo of West Manggarai in East Nusa Tenggara province, Wednesday (June 20).

Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny stated that today, the world increasingly needs a data governance that is accepted based on a common view. According to him, one of the approaches and practices that pays attention to global data sovereignty is contained in the DFFT and CBDF principles.

“We have not arrived to this condition. These commonalities take into account various important values, including fairness, lawfulness, transparency and in certain aspects of cross-country reciprocity,” he explained.

The Minister stated that the recognition of these aspects not only is beneficial in global economy recovery but also encourages the creation of a concrete synergy and collaboration to accommodate the development of digital technology innovation comprehensively.

“This issue belongs to not only developing countries, but also developed countries and least developed countries. This discussion will be very useful in the world which is increasingly influenced by cross-border data exchange,” he said.

Indonesia’s G20 presidency voices and promotes data governance issue to the global community and all communities in all corners of the world. According to the Minister, the use of benefit-for-all data is a natural thing and becomes a common goal.

“Without proper and inclusive data governance practices, it is almost certain that there will be unbalanced use of data which potentially make data a limited commodity and result in compartmentalized or grouped data utilization,” he explained.

Furthermore, the Minister stated that DEWG delegates will have a discussion on the framework for cross-country data use on Thursday (June 21).

“Global data governance issues, including digital security, will be discussed tomorrow on the second day of the meeting,” he stressed.

Johnny is optimistic that the whole events of the 3rd DEWG Meeting will run well. According to him, the dynamics of the discussion were interesting, regardless of the differences during the discussion.

“Members have a vision of promoting global recovery together through the use of digital technology. And I am also looking forward to how G20 delegates will enrich the discussion at this meeting with various interesting views that will be expressed at tomorrow’s meeting,” he said.

The Minister also invited all parties to continue to support the convention of DEWG series of events in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency.

“Together, let’s strengthen synergies and promote an inclusive, empowering, and sustainable global recovery!” he appealed.

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