Ministry of tourism and creative economy/ tourism and creative economy agency to Kick Off ‘Tourism Working Group G20 2022’, a Symbol of Economic Revival

Jakarta, 11 February 2022 – Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (MOTCE) will carry
out a Kick Off event of Tourism Working Group G20 2022, which will be held on February
14, 2022, at Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, as a sign of the beginning of Indonesia’s
presidency in the G20 Tourism Working Group (TWG).

This is also as a symbol of economic revival and the recovery of the tourism sector by
opening up more employment opportunities for the community.

The TWG Kick-off will be carried out in a hybrid format and attended by the Tourism and
Creative Economy Minister, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Representatives of
Italy and India as troika, namely the holders of the presidency before and after Indonesia.
Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, in a
statement, Friday (11/2/2022), stated that the MOTCE has the honor of carrying out an
international-scale event as a leader at the Tourism Working Group (TWG) which is one of
the working groups from the Indonesian Presidency at the G20 2022 Summit.

“This G20 TWG Kick-off is as an official sign of the start of work from the Tourism Sector
Working Group as an inseparable part of other Working Groups under the 2022 G20
Presidency,” according to Sandiaga.

Furthermore, Sandiaga explained that the MOTCE as the TWG supporter will serve as a
leader to trigger the revival of the tourism and creative economy sector, which is a sector
heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to show the international world that Indonesia can lead
the world in solving the problems of the world tourism and creative economy through best
practices that Indonesia has done so far to face global pandemic,” according Sandiaga.

In the 2022 G20 TWG, the MOTCE will try to solve problems and face challenges by focusing
on 5 Line of Actions, they are, Human Resource Development; Innovation Through
Digitization; Empowerment of Women and Young Generation; Rehabilitation, Conservation,
and Preservation of Environment; as well as Investment in Tourism and Digital Sector.

“It is expected that the G20 TWG will result in joint agreement among the G20 countries to
overcome challenges comprehensively by prioritizing mutualism and sustainability,” he

He also expected that this G20 TWG will result a concrete program which can be
collaborated between the countries joining the G20.

“We hope that this TWG kick off will result a concrete program based on best practices and
can be collaborated between member countries according to President’s direction,”
Sandiaga continued.

Indonesia holds the Presidency at the G20 after in 2021, the presidency was hold by Italy.
The presidency has started since December 1, 2021 and will continue until November 31,

The theme carried at the G20 Summit is “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, in which,
Indonesia as the host invites the world to revive better from the effects of the COVID-19
pandemic which is still ongoing together.

In the intergovernmental forum of 19 plus countries, which was first established in 1999,
there will be three main topics raised, including Global Health Architecture, Digital-Based
Transformation, and Transition of Energy. These three things are in accordance with the
conditions and challenges that the world is currently facing.

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