Prioritizing Human Empowerment, Minister Johnny Encourages People to Take Advantage of the Digital Economy Actively

July 20, 2022 – Indonesia’s digital economy potential is massive. Communications and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate stated that the projection in 2025 will reach USD146 billion. Even in 2030, it could reach USD315 billion, equivalent to 42% of the ASEAN digital economy. Therefore, Minister Johnny encouraged the public to take an active part in the digital economy development to realize human empowerment in digital transformation (human-centered digital development).

“It is huge (potential). It is now a task and a challenge for all of us to take an active part. So, the entire community can enjoy the benefits of a rapidly growing and developing economy. In particular, the lower middle class or SMEs. That is what we have to empower together,” he said after opening the Third Meeting of the Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) of the G20 Indonesia Presidency in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, Wednesday, July 20.

Minister Johnny stated that right now, the Government and operators have built information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure from upstream to downstream. It needs the community’s ability to utilize digital infrastructure in the downstream sector.

“The Government has been working hard. The President himself gave clear directives to ensure the infrastructure deployment at all levels, reaching all areas of our homeland. In the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet, the ability to utilize it in the downstream sector must be balancing upstream infrastructure development,” he said.

Minister Johnny stated that infrastructure development is massive and equitable. The community can utilize it. Therefore, the Government also encourages digital human resources development.

“Once again, yes. The infrastructure is built massively, on a large scale, and reaches all Indonesian territory. But, we also need to encourage our people to utilize and use the digital downstream sector as well as possible,” he explained.

Minister Johnny emphasized that this is also the Government’s priority agenda in the Indonesian G20 Presidency: human empowerment in digital transformation.

“This is included in our three G20 priority agendas. In the context of empowerment, empowerment is for human-centered digital development,” he said.

The Third DEWG G20 meeting discussed cross-border data flows and equitable use of data during global digital transformation or Cross Border Data Free Flow and Data Free Flow With Trust and Digital Skill and Digital Literacy. Previously, at the first and second meetings, DEWG G20 discussed two other issues, namely Connectivity and Post Covid-19 Recovery and Digital Skill and Digital Literacy.

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