Foreign, Finance Ministers Emphasize Inclusiveness, Importance of Global Cooperation in Pandemic Handling

JAKARTA, OCTOBER 30, 2021 – In the series of the Ministerial Meeting on Oct. 29, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi attended three bilateral meetings with the Foreign Secretary of Mexico, Foreign Minister of India, and State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said that Indonesia is consistent to voice the interests of developing countries, particularly in the issues of health, the pandemic and global economic recovery, climate change, and energy transition. This is reflected on the great theme of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”.

In a bilateral meeting with Indonesia, Mexico’s Foreign Secretary stated the theme of the presidency and the approach that will be taken by Indonesia in the upcoming G20 are the right things. They also exchanged the position of each country toward the issues of climate change and energy transition. Indonesia and Mexico agreed on the importance of the commitment that has been made to be filled, including for the provision of the adaptation fund promised by developed countries.

“Under the ambitious theme of ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’, I underline that Indonesia will give great attention to the interests of developing countries. Inclusiveness will be the keyword of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency,” said Minister Retno Marsudi.

The theme of the presidency and the approach that will be taken by Indonesia at the G20 also gain full support from India’s Foreign Minister. For information, India will assume the G20 Presidency in 2023. In line with the Indonesia’s agendas, India will also give great attention to the interests of developing countries in the next G20 presidency.

Furthermore, India is one of 19 countries that are allowed to visit Bali for tourism purpose. The two ministers discussed the possibility of making Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) and the recognition of vaccine certificate to protect travelling. Indonesia’s FM also said COVID-19 control in the country has gained a significant progress that the positivity rate has reached 0.4 percent in the last few days.

The Importance of Global Cooperation in the Pandemic Handling

On the same day, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and Health Minister Budi Gunadi attended the G20’s Finance Minister and Health Minister Summit which discussed the commitment to address the world’s pandemic as soon as possible. One of the issues discussed is how to ensure a timely, fair, safe, and affordable access to the vaccine, therapeutic, diagnostic, and medical equipment as global public goods.

In a virtual press statement, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said, “The world’s recovery from pandemics is occurring but not evenly. One of the reasons is an unevenly vaccine distribution around the world, between developed, developing, and other countries”. 

At the meeting, the Minister stated that the new Delta variant has a very high level of spreading and gives uncertainty on the end of the pandemic. Minister Sri Mulyani also expressed Indonesia’s support for the formation of the G20 Finance-Health Joint Task Force as a mechanism for cooperation in addressing issues related to prevention, preparedness, and response to pandemics (Pandemic PPR).

“I believe every person has the same view, that we must respond the pandemic immediately. We need to make sure there is a way to detect and cope with health threats in the future. We need to strengthen the role and enhance the achievement of the WHO. We need to ensure the availability of financing to do all that,” said Minister Sri Mulyani.


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