Side Events of G20 Presidency February 2022 is Ready to be Held, Trade Minister: Showcase Positive Image of Indonesia

Jakarta, 7 February 2022 – In support of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, various G20 Presidency of Indonesia Side Events will be held in February 2022. Side events have been scheduled to provide a deep comprehension to the G20 members regarding the priority agenda of the G20 under the Presidency of Indonesia. Since its commencement on January 2022, these Side Events are expected to enhance the positive image of development and culture of Indonesia.

“These side events are aimed at providing a more comprehensive understanding to the members of the G20 about the priority agenda of the G20 under the Presidency of Indonesia. The G20 Side Events must also be a showcase of Indonesia’s positive image of development and culture,” said Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi, as the chief executive of the G20 Indonesia Presidency 2022 Side Events.

Trade Minister Lutfi hopes that the implementation of the G20 Side Events will make Indonesia’s G20 Presidency more prominent in the efforts to restore the world economy. “We are optimistic that the entire G20 Side Events agenda will have an important impact on the entire series of G20 Meetings held in Indonesia this year,” he concluded.

On February 2022, side events held will include the Kick Off Education Working Group, High Level Seminar on Sustainable Finance: Green Financing and Energy Transition Mechanism, Casual Talks on Digital Payment Innovation of Banking, Showcase on Indonesian Digital Payment, Casual Talks on Digital Payment Innovation of Fintech, Casual Talks on Managing Risk of the Exit Policy Dynamics through More Diversified Currency to Support Global Trade and Investment, Maiden Speech: Klaas Knot as new FSB Chair, International Seminar on Exit Strategy and Scarring Effect, Casual Talks on Scaling Up the Utilization of Sustainable of Financial Instruments, Casual Talks on Bank Digitalization Trend, G20 High Level Discussion on Exit Strategy, QRIS Excursion to Tourism Village, Wonderful Indonesia Rupiah Showcasing, Opening Ceremony of Youth 20, and Side Event I Development Working Group.

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