Sugeng Rawuh Ing Ngayogyakarta!: MCI Minister Greets G20 DEWG Delegates

Yogyakarta, 17 May 2022 – Minister of Communications and Informatics (MCI) Johnny G. Plate warmly welcomed delegates of G20 Member States who were present at the Second Session of the Digital Economy Working Group (2nd DEWG) Meeting. When starting the session, Johnny greeted the member states representatives with a greeting in Javanese language, the spoken language of the people of Central and East Java of Indonesia, also introduced one of the philosophies in the Javanese culture.

Sugeng rawuh Ing Ngayogyakarta. Welcome to Yogyakarta. I am very pleased to welcome you all to the second Digital Economy Working Group meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia,” the Minister addressed the floor in his Opening Remarks for the 2nd DEWG Meeting from Hotel Tentrem in Yogyakarta, Tuesday (May 17). The meeting was held in a hybrid method.

The Minister explained that Yogyakarta is a well-known sultanate city on Indonesia’s island of Java, therefore he hoped that this Second Session of the G20 DEWG meeting would provide a memorable experience for the state guests.

“I hope that all delegates are in excellent health condition and in your best of spirits to participate in this forum, because our meeting today is special, not only because it is held in one of the most enchanting cities in Indonesia, but also for the large number of physical presence of G20 delegates,” he stated.

Johnny also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all G20 member delegates who were present in person. “We also thank the commitment of G20 Members who have joined us virtually, despite the different ideas and time zones,” he continued.

The Minister also introduced one of the prevailing philosophies of Javanese culture, Memayu Hayuning Bawono, which literally translates to beautifying the world. According to him, through this philosophy, every human being is entrusted to add the beauty to the already beautiful world.

“It is as how we say it in Javanese, Memeyu Hayuning Bawono. With this philosophy, I hope that we can work hand in hand to make the world a better place, especially through digital technology,” he explained.

He hoped that the Second Session of the G20 DEWG can produce the best agreement and that all delegates will have pleasant memories.

“I wish the best for this Second Session of the DEWG meeting. I hope you have a pleasant memory and stay in this beautiful historical and cultural city of Yogyakarta,” he said.

In the opening of the Second Session of the DEWG G20, Minister Johnny was accompanied by all high-ranking officials within the Ministry of Communications and Informatics. Meanwhile, the session was chaired directly by the Ministry’s Secretary General who is also the Chair of DEWG, Mira Tayyiba, and the Senior Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Informatics for Digital Policy and Human Resources who is also the Alternate Chair of DEWG, Dedy Permadi.

Opening his remarks, Minister of Communications and Informatics, Johnny G. Plate, greeted the 15 G20 delegates who is attending the meeting in person in Yogyakarta. These delegates come from the United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, England, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the European Union. Meanwhile, delegates from five countries attended the meeting online, including Canada, China, Mexico, South Africa, and Russia. Also present were invited delegates from Singapore and Cambodia as well as representatives of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

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