The 2nd HWG Meeting Focuses on Global Funding to Face the Next Pandemic

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Jakarta, June 3, 2022 – Indonesia’s Ministry of Health as the leader of the G20 Health Working Group is organising the second Health Working Group (HWG-2) meeting on June 6—7, 2022 in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and a side event called One Health on June  7—8, 2022.

G20 Spokesperson for Health, Siti Nadia Tarmizi told the second meeting that the Health Ministry would initiate discussions regarding the efforts made by G20 leaders in building a strong and resilient global health system from the threat of future health disasters.

“The second HWG meeting will emphasize aspects of coordination, ability, and rapid response to changes of diseases as well as mitigation plan financing to deal with global pandemic situation,” she said.

In this event, the delegates will focus on 3 agendas, namely mobilizing financial resources for future pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPR), mobilizing important health resources both essential and diagnostics health devices for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response ( PPR) and optimization of genomic surveillance and strengthening of reliable data sharing mechanisms to provide incentives for strengthening global public health.

In addition, G20 member countries will also discuss the financing mechanism for future PPR. According to dr. Nadia, currently there are several financing initiatives that have been initiated by the World Bank and WHO, namely joint finance and health taskforce as well as the Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF).

It is hoped that this meeting can produce a global collective action needed to increase investment and support from various parties to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to prevent, prepare, and respond the next pandemic.

“Recommendation for a financial intermediary fund is expected as one of the outputs at the second HWG meeting in Lombok,” said dr. Nadia.

In addition to discussing the 3 priority agendas for global health system resilience, a side event raising the theme One Health is also scheduled to be held on June 7-8, 2022.

This side event is a follow-up to the 2021 Rome Declaration which states G20 countries’ commitment to improve the implementation of the One Health approach at the national, regional, and global levels.

In addition, this side event is expected to serve as a means for G20 member countries to share good practices in realizing One Health while reducing implementational gaps between countries. “With this side event, it is hoped that a policy brief will be established to strengthen the implementation of One Health in improving PPR’s strategy and capacity in dealing with pandemics that may occur in the future,” said dr. Nadia.

It is expected that next, that this policy brief can be adopted as part of a ministerial level declaration or G20 country leaders declaration as part of the efforts to strengthen global health resilience.

dr. Nadia reminded us that achieving a strong and sustainable global health system resilience as well as equitable access to health among countries requires good coordination and collaboration from G20 member countries.

Therefore, through the second HWG meeting, Indonesia invited the G20 to make a joint commitment to achieving a more permanent health system and a better essential health supply.

“We hope that at the second HWG meeting the G20 leaders can work together to create a more inclusive, coordinated, and responsive Global Health architecture to end the COVID-19 pandemic and to deal with pandemics in the future,” she concluded.

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