The 3rd Meeting for the Joint Finance-Health Task Force (JFHTF)

Jakarta, 1 April 2022 – The series of events from the G20 Presidency continued with the third meeting for the JFHTF (Joint Finance-Health Task Force) on 1 April 2022. The 3rd JJFHTF meeting was attended by G20 member countries, invited countries, and International Organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

As JFHTF co-chair, Wempi Saputra began the meeting by setting out the discussed Agenda with all G20 members and delivering the opening speech.  Wempi invites G20 member countries to jointly discuss productively. This is because the conversation of the 3rd G20 JFHTF plan will be critical to preparing Finance and Health Ministers for a productive discussion on pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (PPR) financing at the 2nd FMCBG in April, 2022.

The first session was led by Kunta Wibawa, discussed the gaps and needs for financing as well as modalities for building financial facilities. The meeting was followed by a presentation on Gaps by WHO and World Bank. In this session Bruce Alyward (WHO), Scott Pendergast (WHO), and Priya Basu (World Bank) shared their views on the assessment of the global financing gap for Pandemic PPR (prevention, preparedness, and response), with a focus on existing international financing mechanisms.  This meeting also discussed about modalities by WHO and the World Bank. In this session WHO – WB jointly gave a presentation on initial considerations and a draft report on modalities for establishing a financial facility. A discussion was opened where each delegation submitted its report and recommendations. Italy Co-chair Ministry of Finance – Alessandro Rivera then closed this session with the conclusion of the discussions and opinions of the delegates.

Furthermore, the second session was presented regarding the launch of the COVID-19 response which was opened by the Italian Co-chair of the Ministry of Health – Davide La Cecilia. In this second session, ACT-A gave a presentation on the renewal of the launch of the COVID-19 response where MLT is expected to properly complement financing solutions as well as from a multilateral trade perspective. In this session, issues related to financing gaps and needs and modalities to build financial facilities were also discussed.

In the last session, the delegates discussed “One Health” approach and the global action plan for “One Health”. The session was opened by Indonesia Co-chair of the Ministry of Finance – Wempi Saputra. The third session was followed by a ten-minute presentation by The Tripartite and UNEP which discussed updating the approach to implementing “One Health” and the Global Plan of Action for “One Health” as a blueprint for action at the global, regional and national levels. The session then continued with discussion and exchange of views between delegates.

The third JFHTF meeting was then closed by the Co-chair of the Ministry of Finance, Wempi Saputra, by reading the conclusion that all G20 members agreed that there were significant gaps that needed to be addressed immediately. G20 members in general also support the establishment of new financial mechanisms that will provide a dedicated and sustainable source of funding for pandemic PPR and complement the existing financing solutions landscape. JFHTF will continue to work on the modalities that will be reported to the G20 Ministers of Finance and Health.

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