The 4th G20 Joint Finance and Health Task Force (JFHTF) Meeting: Establish New Financial Mechanism to Address Significant Gaps of Global Health Financing

Jakarta, 1 June 2022 – The Indonesian Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Health hosted the 4th G20 Joint Finance and Health Task Force (JFHTF) on May 31 virtually. The meeting was led by Wempi Saputra, Assistant Minister of Finance for Macro-Economic and International Finance, and the Secretary-General for the Ministry of Health, Kunta Wibawa, alongside Italy as the Co-Chairs of the JFHTF.

The 4th JFHTF meeting was attended by G20 members, invited countries, and International Organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The result of the meeting will become input for the Joint Finance and Health Ministerial Meeting in June and the following Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (FMCBG) Meeting in July.

As the JFHTF co-chair, Wempi Saputra began the meeting by setting out the discussed agenda with all G20 members and delivering the opening speech. In his remarks, Wempi mentioned, “this is our last meeting ahead of the first Joint Health and Finance Ministerial meeting of the Indonesian Presidency in June and the next Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in July. Therefore, today’s meeting is a key milestone in delivering on our mandate and ensuring the world is better prepared to deal with the next pandemic”. Kunta Wibawa led the first session meeting, which focused on the Evolving Global Health Architecture update and how the G20 can contribute. “The WHO has several proposals to strengthen Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (HEPR) under a new overarching pandemic instrument, I noted one of the proposals in financing is to establish a Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response (PPR) to provide catalytic and gap-filling funding”, Kunta said.

Following up on the result of the previous meeting, G20 members discussed the following issues: (i) update on the evolving global health architecture and the G20 contribution; (ii) establishment of finance & health coordination arrangement for pandemic PPR financing; and (iii) proposed Financial Intermediary Fund (FIF) for Pandemic PPR.

On the World Bank FIF for Pandemic PPR update, the Indonesian government is currently assessing the plan to contribute to the FIF as the G20 concrete output and strengthen Indonesian commitment as the G20 Presidency. Indonesia can also tap into the collective funding to help transform the domestic health sector. Contributions to this FIF will be voluntary.

JFHTF under G20 and the JFHTF Secretariat play an essential role in supporting health and financial coordination to deal with the pandemic and other health emergencies PPR in line with the International Health Regulations.

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