The Minister of Manpower Addresses Disability and Competency Issues in the First Meeting of G20 Employment Working Group

Jakarta, 08 March 2022 —The Ministry of Manpower held “The First Indonesia Presidency G20 Employment Working Group (EWG) Meeting” in Jakarta, March 8 to 10, 2022. The virtual meeting discussed protections for disabled workers and strategies to provide competent workers.

The Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah, in her address stated that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, persons with disabilities were the most vulnerable group upon losing jobs because they have twice as much the burden of normal workers in general.

“For persons with disabilities, losing their jobs can put a heavy pressure on their economy. This situation will create a disproportionate burden given that they need to incur additional costs to support their physical limitations. They require special care such as special equipment or services to support their daily activities,” said the Minister of Manpower Ida in front of G20 delegates.

According to Minister of Manpower Ida, the creation of decent and inclusive jobs is one of the best solutions to protect persons with disabilities. Decent and inclusive employment will ensure their access to the world of work.

“I hope that this extraordinary forum can find the best formula to create decent and inclusive jobs, as part of efforts to help vulnerable groups facing challenges in the world of work,” said Minister of Manpower Ida. ️

On the same occasion, the Minister of Manpower Ida also highlighted the trend of fast, sustainable, and inclusive growth in the global world of work. To anticipate this, Indonesia has a strategy of creating a competent workforce that can adapt to changes in the world due to technological disruption. ️

“We realize that the creation of high-quality job opportunities must be accompanied by the provision of a competent workforce. Therefore, training in new skills (reskilling), and continuous upgrading of skills (upskilling) are needed to meet the needs and developments in the world of work. This step is important for workers to ensure that their competencies and skills are relevant to the rapidly changing world of work,” said Minister of Manpower Ida.‎

The Minister of Manpower Ida realized that in preparing a competent workforce, collaboration with all stakeholders was needed. Currently, the Ministry of Manpower continues to encourage private sectors, both companies and the general public, to contribute in creating a competent workforce through the establishment of job training institutions. ️

“Training is not only the responsibility of the government and companies alone—it is a shared responsibility. The public and the private sector have different approaches in providing the training system; either based on national or local contexts, link and match approaches, or community-based approaches,” said Minister of Manpower Ida. ️

“Therefore”, continued Minister of Manpower Ida, “this meeting is the right moment for G20 member countries to share experiences in terms of creating competent jobs through job training.” The Minister of Manpower Ida believes that this discussion can lead to policy options or recommendations that will further encourage collaboration among G20 members. ️

“I believe that the key to success in facing the complex employment challenges of tomorrow is equal and productive collaboration between government, industry, trade unions, civil society organizations, academia, and international development partners. We all have to support each other and work together,” said the Minister of Manpower Ida.

Indonesia has been appointed to host the 2022 G20. The first EWG meeting is one of a series of five meetings which will be held in 2022. The second meeting will be held in Yogyakarta in May 2022, the third meeting will be held in Geneva in June 2022, the fourth meeting will be held in Bali in September 2022, and the meeting will be closed with Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting (LEMM) in Bali in September 2022.

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