The Indonesian G20 Presidency, through the Infrastructure Working Group (IWG), is committed to scale up the sustainable infrastructure investment

JAKARTA, January 19, 2022 – As part of the Indonesian G20 Presidency, the Ministry of Finance and Bank Indonesia in collaboration with Global Infrastructure Hub (GIH) held a G20 Infrastructure Working Group (IWG) virtual seminar to discuss a topic on “Scaling up sustainable infrastructure investment by leveraging private sector participation”. IWG advises on policies to improve the preparation, financing, and management of quality infrastructure investments to secure the provision of inclusive, sustainable, and resilient basic infrastructure services to all. The Group aims to tackle the persistent gap in infrastructure investment, also by promoting them as an asset class to stimulate private sector involvement.

The meeting was opened by Wempi Saputra, the Assistant of Minister for Macro Economy and International Finance in the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, which discussed Presidency’s priorities and remind audience on the results of the First Finance and Central Bank Deputies Meeting in December. In his opening remarks, Wempi said that investment in infrastructure has many important roles. “Infrastructure investment can play a key role, not only the economic recovery but also to support a transition to move to a more environmentally friendly development. Long-term economic growth will be supported by transforming infrastructure development to be more sustainable and resilient to a shock that may occur.” he said. The session continued with a presentation by the secretariat of the Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG).

In the second session, the Global Infrastructure Hub presented the status of sustainable infrastructure investment and private sector participation which discussed investment trends and issues related to the participation of the private sector in sustainable infrastructure investment.

“Private sector participation in scaling up sustainable infrastructure investment, including through Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards” became the topic for the third session presented by EDHEC, GRESB, FAST-Infra, Coalition for Climate Resilient Infrastructure, and ICP.

In the fourth session, Meridiam, I-Squared, SMBC, and China-Africa Development Fund presented the private investor perspectives on the gap in scaling up sustainable infrastructure investing. This session encourages wider perspectives on what the government can do to leverage appetite for ESG investing and what impact can be created at the G20 level.

The last session of today’s seminar discussed countries’ perspectives on sustainable infrastructure investment and private sector participation to finally concluded after a Q&A session among IWG members. Ending the seminar, the Co-Chairs of IWG provided the closing remarks and summary of the seminar.

The seminar is aimed to gather insights from G20 member countries and international organizations related to the G20’s infrastructure agenda and deliverables, especially sustainable-related infrastructure that will be further discussed in the Deputy meeting and The Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting next month.(***)

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