The Second Agriculture Deputies Meeting G20 Indonesian Presidency Commenced Today

Yogyakarta, 27 July 2022 – Agriculture Working Group started the second Deputies Meeting on Wednesday, 28 July 2022. This meeting was attended by around 100 international delegates from 20 members, 7 invitees, and 13 international organizations, in-person and virtually. This meeting will be held in a hybrid format from 27 to 28 July 2022 at Hotel Tentrem, Yogyakarta.

On the first day of the meeting, Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo in a statement video expressed his sincere appreciation toward all of the G20 agriculture deputies, the invited countries, as well as regional and international organizations for their participation in the second ADM and support for the G20 Indonesian presidency.

Through the G20, the Minister of Agriculture encouraged members join hands to recover together and stronger from the on-going pandemic and other multidimensional crises, as stated by the theme of the 2022 G20 Indonesia, “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”. Being the premier forum for economic and development cooperation, the G20 is hoped to respond to the challenges and pressures in the global food supply chain that has left negative impacts on global food security and nutrition.

“I hope that in the Second Agriculture Deputies Meeting, delegates can discuss and agree on the G20 commitment to promote global food security and support the SDGs achievement, as reflected in the G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Communiqué.” said the Minister of Agriculture in his remarks. Furthermore, the Minister of Agriculture hoped that the G20 Agriculture Working Group can produce concrete deliverables to support developing countries in facing current global food insecurity.

As the G20 AWG Chair, Kasdi Subagyono, Secretary General of Ministry of Agriculture, expressed his sincere appreciation toward the G20 members, the invited countries, as well as regional and international organizations for being actively involved in and making a contribution to several forums and initiatives within the 2022 AWG framework, including: 1) the Meeting of Agriculture Chief Scientists (MACS) from 5 to 7 July 2022 in Bali, that addressed four global agriculture priority issues proposed by Indonesia, namely food security policies postCovid-19 pandemic, climate resilient agriculture, as well as agriculture and digital traceability; and 2) a knowledge-sharing webinar on digital technologies implementation for agriculture sector and rural financing from 28 to 29 June 2022, as a collaboration between Agriculture Working Group and Development Working Group.

This year, the G20 Agriculture Working Group carries the theme “Balancing Food Production and Trade to Fulfil Food for All”, with the aim of embodying the G20 commitment in fulfilling food for all by ensuring the balance of supply chain between resilient and sustainable food systems and agriculture and smooth cross-border trade for agriculture and food products.

In the second ADM, the delegates from the G20 members will discuss the proposed draft communiqué that comprises inputs or suggestions from all participants. The draft communiqué addresses three agriculture priority issues proposed by Indonesia, namely 1) building resilient and sustainable food and agriculture systems; 2) promoting an open, fair, predictable, and transparent food trade; and 3) encouraging innovative agricultural businesses through agriculture digital technology to improve farmers livelihood in rural areas. It is hoped that the G20 members will agree on the draft communiqué at the G20 Agriculture Ministerial Meeting that will be held at the end of September 2022 in Bali.

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