To Succeed G20 Employment Working Group, Indonesia is Prepared to be a Good Host

Jakarta, 08 March 2022 – The Ministry of Manpower is determined to be a good host in the G20 event in the employment sector. The Ministry of Manpower will strive not only to make the event a success, but also to deliver policy formulations that can be mutually agreed upon.

“A good host can carry out its responsibilities as well as possible. We also want to be a host who succeed in conveying our ideas and turn them into a joint commitment,” said Secretary General of the Ministry of Manpower, Anwar Sanusi, at the opening of the First Employment Working Group (EWG) Meeting in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/3/2022).

According to Anwar Sanusi, hosting the G20 in the employment sector will provide benefits for Indonesia. Firstly, Indonesia is seen as equal with the member countries of the G20.

“We see the impact that by being the host, we will be able to show that Indonesia is on a par with other countries in the G20,” said Anwar Sanusi.

“Another benefit”, said Anwar, “is that Indonesia will gain experiences and best practices from the G20 countries in dealing with various manpower issues. According to him, even though each country has different experiences and problems in the field of employment, there will be a number of similarities in employment experiences and ideas that can be taken as lessons and employment policy formulations.

“We learn from the similarities to produce policy formulations that can later be implemented by the country concerned, and of course can provide significant protection for workers and laborers,” he explained.

In the implementation of the G20 meeting in the field of employment, Indonesia embraces the main theme of Improving the Employment Conditions to Recover Together. This theme aims to support the main theme of the Indonesian G20 Presidency, namely Recover Together, Recover Stronger.

The G20 Employment Working Group meeting will include 5 separate meetings, consisting of 4 working group level meetings (EWG) and 1 Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting.

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