Yogyakarta Taman Sari Water Castle: Manifestation of Global Health System

Yogyakarta, June 20, 2022 – Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin opened the 1st G20 Health Ministers Meeting in Yogyakarta on Monday, June 20. The meeting’s agenda was “Strengthening the Global Health Architecture”.  He likened the philosophy of global health system to the Yogyakarta Taman Sari Water Castle.

The G20 Health Ministers Meeting was held near the water castle which was built in the 18th century. The castle was first built to serve as a park complex for the Sultan to work, meditate, and rest.

Taman Sari also functioned as a castle for the sultanate family to hide, go into seclusion, and defend themselves during critical times.

Minister Budi said that Taman Sari’s history serves as an inspiration in the formation of global health system.

“The history and philosophy of Taman Sari inspired us, global health leaders to build a global health system that is resilient in a crisis and alert in normal times,” Minister Budi said in Yogyakarta on Monday (20/6).

Taman Sari was constructed during normal times. It was not only meant for daily use, but also for anticipating crisis in the future.

“While we are waiting for a world in which the pandemic has subsided, we must utilize the time to build a more resilient global health system, not only for today, but also for future challenges. It is better to be safe than sorry,” Minister Budi said.

He also said that G20 countries have made a big step to strengthen global health architecture to be more prepared in facing health threats in the future.

3 global health agendas have been discussed this year in 5 sessions, among others:

1st Agenda: Strengthening global health system resilience

  • Session 1: Availability of financial resources for pandemic prevention, preparedness, and countermeasures.
  • Session 2: Access to emergency medical treatment.
  • Session 3: Building a global network of genomics surveillance laboratory and strengthening trusted data-sharing mechanism

2nd Agenda: Harmonizing global health protocol standards

  • Session 4: Globally recognized vaccine certificates in entry points.

3rd Agenda: Expanding global manufacture and research center for pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (PPR).

  • Session 5: mRNA vaccine technology, expansion of global manufacture and research center for pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.

As of today, two health working group meetings have been held with the themes “Harmonizing Global Health Protocol Standards” and “Strengthening Global Health System Resilience”. The next meeting of health working group will be held in August to discuss “Expansion of Global Manufacture and Research Center for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness, and Response”.

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